A soggy sad solar pageant

by boat water

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released August 30, 2012



all rights reserved


boat water Baltimore, Maryland

members of members of. baltimore. fun. thank you.

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Track Name: Ezra pound paints with lard
And hey well oh sugar, come home with me and well we can talk about your philosophy, about those five little hens I saw peckin’ at the firey stream, oh those five little hens peckin oh what did they mean and it was daylight or so it would seem and the sky was blue and shimmering just like gasoline and oh those five little hens what did they mean when we bared our bodies down by the river banks and we were singing, no know?
Track Name: two headed buffalo
Well, dry your eyes darling because everything dies and well they don’t go floating up to the great blue sky they sit and they rot and they lay and we cry, well everything dies darling well even our lies. So. Write me a letter and leave it alone! Walk away honey, it’s all a big joke! And burn down our house and find a new home, well piss away your future and forget what you know and talk to the wind and scream and the night well everything dies when your conscience an’t right and pour me a beer and spill away and tell him you love me and quit him today and find yourself a knife and blaze your arm a trail well streaming in the sunlight missy jesus impaled and push away your life and leave your body cold and I’ll visit you out west where those buffalo roam. And arise! I’ve been thinking of you! Arise! And the birds up in those trees, well up ten feet tall, well they are singing tra la la la la! And well the dead rose! Up six feet tall! And they are laughing ha ha ha ha. Well. Locusts like makeup and locust like halos. Well. It all stops when your heart don’t beat and the sound of forgiveness sounds so sweet and when your gone from my life and I’m gone from yours, well we’ll be strangers in love like never before.
Track Name: the tantric river flows into your hands again I suppose
Well the heart! The dog in the snowy yard! The streets lined with snow buried cars and the hiccup huffs thrust out below its nose, oh why are dead bodies dressed in some new clothes? The heart! The back! The hair-pinned trigger around here. Breathing on glass to make the windows smear clicks twice before it figures and by the time it stumbles there is no one there to hear. The back! And we are going southbound and we suffer for the suffer, you suffer for the south I guess. And we are going down to the tantric river to dump all our dirt laundry and all our sundries and sundresses to undress our dressings and flirty melancholy and we could soak in the tarot bathtub well swell our sex in the bubbly sea water foam and well flesh of the after taste well you could taste me and we’d rub each other off with our big toes, our big toes and in the thirsty desert we lay like sheep’s wool gathering the dew drops for the eager morning and god likes sex but it tries its best to understand the grasping, well to become some hunger.